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Servicing and Handling
Many of service procedures require
disconnection of "A/B" fuse and all air bag
(inflator) module(s) from initiator circuit to
avoid an accidental deployment.
Driver, Passenger, Side and Curtain Air Bag
(Inflator) Modules
• For handling and storage of a live air bag
(inflator) module, select a place where the
ambient temperature below 65 °C (150 °F),
without high humidity and away from
electric noise.
• When carrying a live air bag (inflator)
module, make sure the bag opening is
pointed away from you. In case of an
accidental deployment, the bag will then
deploy with minimal chance of injury.
Never carry the air bag (inflator) module by
the wires or connector on the underside of
the module. When placing a live air bag
(inflator) module on a bench or other
surface, always face the bag up, away from
the surface. As the live passenger air bag
(inflator) module must be placed with its
bag (trim cover) facing up, place it on the
workbench with a slit (1) or use the
workbench vise (2) to hold it securely at its
lower mounting bracket (3). It is also
prohibited to place anything on top of the
trim cover and stack air bag (inflator)
modules. This is necessary so that a free
space is provided to allow the air bag to
expand in the unlikely event of accidental
deployment. Otherwise, personal injury
may result.
• Never dispose of live (undeployed) air bag
(inflator) modules (driver, passenger, side
and curtain). If disposal is necessary, be
sure to deploy them according to
deployment procedures described in "Air
Bag (Inflator) Module and Seat Belt
Pretensioner Disposal in Section 8B"
before disposal.
• The air bag (inflator) module immediately
after deployment is very hot. Wait for at
least half an hour to cool it off before
proceeding the work.
• After an air bag (inflator) module has been
deployed, the surface of the air bag may
contain a powdery residue. This powder
consists primarily of cornstarch (used to
lubricate the bag as it inflates) and by-
products of the chemical reaction. As with
many service procedures, gloves and
safety glasses should be worn.
[A]: Always carry air bag (inflator) module with trim cover (air bag opening)
away from body.
[B]: Always place air bag (inflator) module on workbench with trim cover (air
bag opening) up, away from loose objects.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents