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00-5 Precautions:
• When performing service to electrical parts that does
not require use of battery power, disconnect the
negative cable of the battery.
• When disconnecting the negative cable from the
battery, be careful to the following.
– Check and record DTCs in ECM if necessary
before disconnecting.
– Record displayed contents of the clock and/or
audio system, etc. before disconnecting and reset it
as before after connecting.
– For vehicle equipped with electric throttle body
system, perform electric throttle body system
calibration referring to "Electric Throttle Body
System Calibration in Section 1C" after
reconnecting the negative cable to the battery.
– For vehicle equipped with ESP®, calibrate steering
angle sensor referring to "Sensor Calibration in
Section 4F" after reconnecting the negative cable
to the battery.
• When removing the battery, be sure to disconnect the
negative cable first and then the positive cable. When
reconnecting the battery, connect the positive cable
first and then the negative cable, and replace the
terminal cover.
• When removing parts that are to be reused, be sure to
keep them arranged in an orderly manner so that they
may be reinstalled in the proper order and position.
• Whenever you use oil seals, gaskets, packing, O-
rings, locking washers, split pins, self-locking nuts,
and certain other parts as specified, be sure to use
new ones. Also, before installing new gaskets,
packing, etc., be sure to remove any residual material
from the mating surfaces.
• Make sure that all parts used in reassembly are
perfectly clean.
When use of a certain type of lubricant, bond or
sealant is specified, be sure to use the specified type.
"A": Water tight sealant 99000–31250 (SUZUKI
Bond No.1207F)


Table of Contents

Table of Contents