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Exhaust System Inspection
To avoid danger of being burned, do not
touch exhaust system when it is still hot.
Any service on exhaust system should be
performed when it is cool.
When carrying out periodic maintenance, or the vehicle
is raised for other service, check exhaust system as
• Check rubber mountings for damage, deterioration,
and out of position.
• Check exhaust system for leakage, loose
connections, dents and damages.
If bolts or nuts are loose, tighten them to specification.
• Check nearby body areas for damaged, missing or
mispositioned parts, open seams, holes, loose
connections or other defects which could permit
exhaust fumes to seep into the vehicle.
• Make sure that exhaust system components have
enough clearance from the underbody to avoid
overheating and possible damage to floor carpet.
• Any defects should be fixed at once.
Spark Plug Replacement
Replace spark plugs with new ones referring to "Spark
Plug Removal and Installation in Section 1H".
Air Cleaner Filter Inspection
1) Remove air cleaner case clamps.
2) Take air cleaner filter out of case.
3) Check that filter is not excessively dirty, damaged or
oily, clean filter with compressed air from air outlet
side of filter.
4) Install air cleaner filter and clamp cap securely.
Air Cleaner Filter Replacement
Replace air cleaner filter with new one according to "Air
Cleaner Filter Removal and Installation in Section 1D".
Fuel Lines and Connections Inspection
Visually inspect fuel lines and connections for evidence
of fuel leakage, hose cracking and damage. Make sure
all clamps are secure.
Repair leaky joints, if any.
Replace hoses that are suspected of being cracked.
Fuel Filter Replacement
Fuel filter is installed in fuel pump assembly in fuel tank.
Replace fuel filter or fuel pump assembly with new one,
referring to "Fuel Pump Assembly Removal and
Installation in Section 1G" for proper procedure.
Maintenance and Lubrication:


Table of Contents

Table of Contents