Air Bag (Inflator) Module And Seat Belt Pretensioner Disposal - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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8B-109 Air Bag System:
4) Cut off passenger air bag (inflator) module connector
(1) and floor harness joint (yellow) connector (2) with
passenger air bag (inflator) module of air bag
harness included in instrument panel harness as
shown, and then fasten it to instrument panel
harness with vinyl tape for avoiding interference with
other parts.
5) Fix passenger air bag (inflator) module repair
harness (1) to instrument panel harness (2).
To avoid interference with other parts, fasten
the repair harness to instrument panel
harness with a clamp (3) as shown in figure.
6) Connect passenger air bag (inflator) module repair
harness connector (4) to floor harness securely till
click is heard.
[A]: Viewed from dash panel side
7) Install passenger air bag (inflator) module referring
to "Passenger Air Bag (Inflator) Module Removal
and Installation".
8) Enabling air bag system referring to "Enabling Air
Bag System".
9) Confirm that there is no DTC detected to SDM with
ignition switch turned ON.
Air Bag (Inflator) Module and Seat Belt
Pretensioner Disposal
Failure to follow proper air bag (inflator)
module and seat belt pretensioner disposal
procedures can result in air bag deployment
and pretensioner activation which may cause
personal injury. Do not dispose of live
(undeployed) air bag (inflator) modules and
seat belt pretensioners. Because undeployed
air bag (inflator) module / inactivated seat
belt pretensioner must not be disposed of
through normal refuse channels. Undeployed
air bag (inflator) module and inactivated seat
belt pretensioner contain substances that
can cause severe illness or personal injury if
sealed container is damaged during disposal.
Air bag (inflator) module / seat belt pretensioner can be
deployed / activated inside or outside of vehicle.
Deployment / Activation method used depends upon
final disposition of vehicle. Review the following
instructions in order to determine which will work best in
a given situation.
Deployment / Activation Outside of Vehicle: When you
intend to return the vehicle to service, deploy the air bag
(inflator) module(s) and/or activate seat belt
pretensioner(s) outside of the vehicle.
Deployment / Activation Inside of Vehicle: When the
vehicle will be destroyed, or salvaged for component
parts, deploy the air bag module(s) and/or activate seat
belt pretensioner(s) installed on vehicle.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents