Igniter Removal And Installation (Discharge Headlight Model); Headlight Aiming Adjustment With Screen - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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9B-20 Lighting Systems:
Igniter Removal and Installation (Discharge
Headlight Model)
Be sure to read "Precautions for Discharge
Headlight Service (If Equipped)" carefully
before working. Neglecting them may result
in personal injury.
1) Remove ballast referring to "Ballast Removal and
Installation (Discharge Headlight Model)".
2) Remove cover (1) from headlight housing by turning
it counterclockwise.
3) Remove igniter (2) from discharge headlight bulb by
turning it counterclockwise.
4) After disconnecting ground wire (3), pull out igniter
(2) from headlight housing.

Headlight Aiming Adjustment with Screen

• Unless otherwise obligated by local regulations, adjust headlight aiming according to the following
• After replacing headlight housing, be sure to adjust aiming.
• When inspecting and adjusting headlight with leveling system, make sure to set the leveling switch
to "0" position with ignition switch turned ON.
1) Make sure the following items.
• Place vehicle on a flat surface in front of blank wall (screen) (1) ahead of headlight surface.
Distance "a"
10 m (32.8 ft.)
• Adjust air pressure of all tires to the specified value respectively.
• Bounce vehicle body up and down by hand to stabilize suspension.
• Carry out aiming with a driver aboard.
Driver's weight
75 kg (165 lb)
2) Check to see if hot spot (high intensity zone) of each low beam axis falls as shown in figure.
If the headlights interfere each other and make it hard to see the cut line clearly, cover the headlight on
one side. This helps to make aiming adjustment easier.
Hot spot specification
Angle "b": 0.75° (Specification)
Calculated distance "H": Approx. 130 mm (5.15 in.)
3) Align headlight aiming to specification by adjusting aiming gear if it is not set properly.
Reverse removal procedure noting the following.
• Connect connectors securely.
• After installation, be sure to inspect and adjust aiming
referring to "Headlight Aiming Adjustment with


Table of Contents

Table of Contents