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10B-11 Body Electrical Control System:
Customer s name:
Date of issue:
Problem Symptoms
Frequency of Occurrence
Environmental Condition
Diagnostic Trouble Code
Problem Symptom Confirmation
Check if what the customer claimed in "Customer Questionnaire" is accurately found in the vehicle. If that symptom is
found, check whether the symptom is identified as a failure. (This step should be shared with the customer if possible.)
DTC Check
Check DTC stored in BCM memory referring to "DTC Check", record it and then clear it referring to "DTC Clearance".
DTC indicates malfunction that occurred in the system but does not indicate whether it exists now or it occurred in the
past and the normal condition has been restored now. To check which case applies, clear DTC once and check
whether or not any fault exists.
Troubleshooting for DTC
Based on the DTC indicated in Step 3 and referring to applicable DTC flow, locate the cause of the trouble, namely in
a sensor, wire harness, connector, BCM or other part and repair or replace faulty parts.
Body Electrical Control System Symptom Diagnosis
Check the parts or system suspected as a possible cause referring to symptom diagnosis of each system.
Check for Intermittent Problem
Check parts where an intermittent trouble is easy to occur (e.g., wire harness, connector, etc.), referring to
"Intermittent and Poor Connection Inspection in Section 00".
Final Confirmation Test
Confirm that the problem symptom has gone and the body electrical control system is free from any abnormal
conditions. If what has been repaired is related to the malfunction DTC, check DTC again and confirm that no DTC is
Customer questionnaire (example)
Date Reg:
Date of problem:
Power door lock system does not operate
Keyless entry system does not operate
Rear end door window defogger does not operate
Rear wiper does not operate
Rear end door opener does not operate
Warning buzzer does not sound
Interior light does not light
Theft deterrent light does not flush
Continuous / Intermittent (
/ Other
Fine / Cloudy / Rain / Snow / Other
Normal code / Malfunction code (
times a day, a month)
F )


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

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