Body Electrical Control System; Precautions In Diagnosing Trouble; General Description; Bcm General Description - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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10B-1 Body Electrical Control System:

Body Electrical Control System

Control Systems

Precautions in Diagnosing Trouble

• Diagnostic information stored in BCM memory can be cleared as well as checked by using SUZUKI scan tool.
Before using scan tool, read its Operator's (Instruction) Manual carefully to have good understanding as to what
functions are available and how to use it.
• Be sure to read "Precautions for Electrical Circuit Service in Section 00" before inspection and observe what is
written there.
• Communication of ECM, TCM (A/T model), ABS or ESP
keyless start control module (if equipped), combination meter and BCM is established by CAN (Controller Area
Network). For detail of CAN communication for BCM, refer to "CAN Communication System Description".
Therefore, handle CAN communication line with care referring to "Precaution for CAN Communication System in
Section 00".

BCM General Description

The Body electrical Control Module (BCM) is incorporated in junction block. Do not attempt removal of BCM from
junction block as it may cause contact failure.
The BCM incorporates relays and controllers which are used for the following systems and controls them.
• Power door lock
• Keyless entry
• Door lock function of keyless start system (if equipped)
• Rear wiper
• Combination meter
• Interior light
• Warning buzzer
• Rear end door window / back window defogger and door mirror heater (if equipped)
• Rear end door opener (if equipped)
• Trunk lid opener function of keyless start system (if equipped)
• Theft deterrent light
Also, the BCM has a function to cause the interior light and open door warning light in the combination meter to turn off
when any door is left open for longer than 15 minutes to reduce wasteful battery consumption.
In addition, it is possible to check operation of actuator which is controlled by BCM by using the output test function of
SUZUKI scan tool to operate actuator simulatively.
control module, 4WD control module (if equipped),

General Description



Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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