Rear Stabilizer Bar; Stabilizer Bar Removal; Stabilizer Bar Installation - Polaris RZR XP 1000 Service Manual

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Stabilizer Bar Removal

1. Lift and support vehicle by main frame.
2. Remove rear wheels nut and wheels.
3. Identify / mark top side of the stabilizer bar to
reference during installation.
4. Remove the fasteners retaining the stabilizer bar to
the linkage
on each side of the vehicle.
5. Remove the four fasteners retaining the stabilizer
bar to the vehicle frame (see below).
6. Remove the bushing brackets and bushings for ease
of removal.
7. Carefully remove the stabilizer from the LH wheel
well area of the vehicle.
8. Mark the location and remove the two stabilizer bar
locating clamps (if replacing stabilizer bar).
9. Inspect the stabilizer bar for straightness. Inspect the
pivot bushings and replace if needed.
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Stabilizer Bar Installation

1. Carefully install stabilizer bar through the LH wheel
well area.
NOTE: Be sure fuel lines and shift cable are
routed ABOVE the stabilizer bar.
2. Fully install stabilizer bar, bushings, bracket and
bracket fasteners and stabilizer links. Center
stabilizer bar in the frame. Torque fasteners to
specification (see below).
3. Install stabilizer bar locating clamps on the INSIDE of
the pivot bushing and brackets. There should be a
0.10" (2.5mm) gap between the bushing face and the
locating clamps. Torque locating clamps fasteners to
4. Torque all fasteners to specification (see below).
5. Lubricate stabilizer bar pivot bushings via grease
fitting (fittings are accessible through skid plate).
6. Install rear wheels and wheel nuts. Torque wheel
nuts to specification.
Rear Stabilizer Bar Linkage:
40 ft-lbs (54 Nm)
Rear Stabilizer Bar Locating Clamp:
10 ft-lb (14 Nm)
Wheel Lug Nuts:
120 ft-lbs (163 Nm)


Table of Contents

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