Tie Rod End / Wheel Hub Inspection; Wheel Toe Alignment Inspection; Final Drive - Polaris RZR XP 1000 Service Manual

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Tie Rod End / Wheel Hub Inspection

• To check for play in the tie rod end, grasp the
steering tie rod, pull in all directions feeling for
• Replace any worn steering components. Steering
should move freely through entire range of travel
without binding.
• Elevate front end of machine so front wheels are
off the ground. Check for any looseness in front
wheel/hub assembly by grasping the tire firmly at
top and bottom first, and then at front and rear. Try
to move the wheel and hub by pushing inward and
pulling outward.
• If abnormal movement is detected, inspect the hub
and wheel assembly to determine the cause
(loose wheel nuts or loose front hub nut).
• Refer to Chapter 7 "Final Drive" for front hub
service procedures.
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Wheel Toe Alignment Inspection

1. Place machine on a smooth level surface and set
steering wheel in a straight ahead position. Secure
the steering wheel in this position.
2. Place a chalk mark on the center line of the front
tires approximately 10" (25.4 cm) from the floor or as
close to the hub/axle center line as possible (1).
NOTE: It is important the height of both marks
be equally positioned to get an accurate
3. Measure the distance between the marks and record
the measurement. Call this measurement "2".
4. Rotate the tires 180° by moving the vehicle forward.
Position chalk marks facing rearward, even with the
hub/axle center line.


Table of Contents

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