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4. Using a soft-faced hammer, or brass drift, strike the
inner race of the joint to drive the joint off the shaft.
Be sure to tap evenly around the joint to avoid
IMPORTANT: Tap on inner race only!
5. Make sure the circlip
the joint.
is on the shaft and not left in
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6. Remove the boot from the shaft.
Complete disassembly of the plunging joint is NOT
recommended. The internal components are precision
fit and develop their own characteristic wear patterns.
Intermixing the internal components could result in
looseness, binding, and/or premature failure of the joint.
If the grease in the joint is
obviously contaminated with water and/or dirt,
the joint should be replaced.
7. Thoroughly clean the joint with an appropriate
solvent and dry the joint to prevent any residual
solvent from being left in the joint upon reassembly.
8. Visually inspect the joint for damage. Replace if
9. Clean the splines on the end of the shaft and apply a
light coat of grease prior to reassembly.
10. Slide the small boot clamp and boot (small end first)
onto the drive shaft and position the boot in its
groove machined in the shaft.
11. Install a new circlip on the end of the shaft.


Table of Contents

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