Engine Break-In Period; Engine Lubrication Specifications - Polaris RZR XP 1000 Service Manual

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Engine Break-In Period

The break-in period consists of the first 25 hours of
operation, or the time it takes to use 15 gallons (57 liters)
of fuel. Careful treatment of a new engine and drive
components will result in more efficient performance and
longer life for these components.
Use only Polaris PS-4 or PS-4 Extreme Duty Synthetic
4-Cycle Engine Oil.
Never substitute or mix oil brands. Serious engine
damage and voiding of warranty can result.
Do not operate at full throttle or high speeds for
extended periods during the first three hours of use.
Excessive heat can build up and cause damage to
close fitted engine parts.
1. Fill fuel tank with unleaded fuel which has a
minimum pump octane number of 87 = (R + M)/2.
2. Refer to Engine Oil Level, page 2.17. Check oil level
indicated on dipstick. Add oil if necessary.
3. Drive slowly at first to gradually bring engine up to
operating temperature.
4. Vary throttle positions. Do not operate at sustained
idle or sustained high speed.
5. Perform regular checks on fluid levels, controls and
all important bolt torques.
6. Change oil and oil filter after 25 hour break-in period.
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Engine Lubrication Specifications

Oil Capacity *
Approx. 2.5 Quarts (2.4 L)
Oil Filter Wrench
PU-50105 or 2.5" (64 mm)
Oil Filter
PN 2540086
Oil Type
Ambient Temp Range:
-35° F to 100° F
PS-4 Synthetic Engine oil
(PN 2876244) (Quart)
Ambient Temp Range:
0° F to 120° F
PS-4 Extreme Duty
Synthetic Engine Oil
(PN 2878920) (Quart)
Oil Pressure
Minimum Specification
(using Polaris engine oil at operating temperature)
10 PSI @ 1200 RPM
40 PSI @ 7000 RPM
* Additional oil may be required after complete
engine disassembly. Check level after filling and add
oil as needed.


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