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9. Using a 5 mm Allen wrench, install only the three
screws that secure the pinion shaft assembly as
shown below. Leave the longer locking screw (A) out
at this point.
NOTE: DO NOT install the longer screw (A).
Installing the longer screw will lock the snorkel
10. Torque the bearing cover retaining screws to
Bearing Cover Retaining Screws:
10 ft-lb (14 Nm)
11. Rotate the snorkel tube counterclockwise using the
snorkel tool (PA-50231) until the snorkel gear and
pinion gear have 'zero' backlash.
NOTE: DO NOT overtighten the snorkel tube
when backing it out. At the 'zero' backlash
position, you should still be able to turn the
snorkel shaft using your fingers, but it will feel
rough and may have some tight spots.
12. Look down into the transmission housing to see the
snorkel locking screw hole opening to reference your
starting point.
NOTE: If you have a hard time seeing into the
hole, insert a small Allen wrench, punch or
screwdriver into the hole to feel when the notch
is aligned with the hole.
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13. Slowly rotate the snorkel tube clockwise while
counting the number of notches passing through the
hole opening as you rotate the tube. Rotate the
snorkel tube to the 3rd notch from the 'zero'
backlash position obtained in step 11.
14. Check the pinion shaft gear backlash again by feel. If
the pinion shaft gear lash appears to be too tight,
rotate the snorkel shaft clockwise to the next notch
(4th notch).
15. Once the backlash is set, apply Loctite
threads and install the locking screw to secure the
snorkel tube.
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