Clutch Assembly - Polaris RZR XP 1000 Service Manual

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8. Remove nut (C) (left hand thread) from puller rod
and set aside.
9. Remove adapters from puller.
10. Remove bushing and removal tool from adapters.
Discard bushing.
Clutch Bushing Installation
11. Install puller adapter
12. Install adapter
onto puller.
13. Apply Loctite® 648 evenly to bushing bore inside
moveable sheave.
14. Install sheave face down on puller.
15. Install new bushing on installation tool
assembly into sheave.
16. Install left hand thread nut (C) onto puller rod and
hand tighten against installation tool.
17. Turn clutch sheave counterclockwise, making sure
bushing is drawn straight into bore. Continue until
bushing is seated.
18. Remove nut (C) from puller rod and set aside.
19. Remove installation tool and clutch sheave from
onto puller.
and install
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Clutch Assembly

1. Install a new bearing onto the clutch shaft using an
arbor press. Once bearing is fully seated, install a
new snap ring.
2. Install the shaft and bearing assembly into the outer
NOTE: Press only on the outer race of the
bearing during installation to prevent damaging
the bearing.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents