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Pvt / Final Drive / Wheel And Tire; Drive Clutch / Driven Clutch / Belt Service; Pvt Intake Pre-Filter Service; Pvt Drying - Polaris RZR XP 1000 Service Manual

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Drive Clutch / Driven Clutch / Belt Service

Refer to PVT SYSTEM SERVICE, page 5.8 for service
and removal procedures.

PVT Intake Pre-Filter Service

It is recommended that the PVT intake pre-filter be
inspected daily. The filter should be inspected using the
following procedure:
1. The PVT intake pre-filter is located just above the left
rear wheel fender.
2. Loosen the knob on top of the assembly and lift up to
disengage the tab from the cargo box.
3. Inspect the pre-filter. If necessary, clean with soapy
water and dry with low pressure compressed air.
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PVT Drying

NOTE: After operating in water, the vehicle's PVT
system should be checked immediately. Use the
following instructions to dry it out before operating.
The PVT drain plug is located at the bottom of the outer
clutch cover. Access the drain plug through the left rear
wheel well.
1. Using a flat blade screwdriver, remove the PVT drain
and O-ring from the outer clutch cover.
2. Allow the water to drain out completely.
3. Reinstall the drain plug and O-ring.
4. Place the transmission in PARK, apply the brake and
start the engine.
5. Apply varying throttle for 10-15 seconds to expel the
moisture and air-dry the belt and clutches.
NOTE: Do not hold the throttle pedal wide open
for more than 5 seconds.
6. Allow the engine RPM to return to idle, then shift the
transmission into low gear.
7. Test the PVT system for belt slippage. If the belt
slips, repeat the process or remove the outer clutch
cover to inspect the PVT system (see Chapter 4 –
PVT SYSTEM SERVICE, page 5.8 for service and
removal procedures).
If the vehicle has ingested a large
amount of water into the PVT system and has not
been operated for a period of time, be sure to
check the PVT system components for water


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