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7. Remove valve and check where the Prussian Blue™
indicates seat contact on the valve face. The valve
seat should contact the middle of the valve face or
slightly above, and must be the proper width.
* If the indicated seat contact is at the top edge of the
valve face and contacts the margin area
high on the valve face. Use the 30° cutter to lower
the valve seat.
* If too low, use the 60° cutter to raise the seat. When
contact area is centered on the valve face, measure
seat width.
* If the seat is too wide or uneven, use both top and
bottom cutters to narrow the seat.
* If the seat is too narrow, widen using the 45° cutter
and re-check contact point on the valve face and
seat width after each cut.
NOTE: When using an interference angle, the
seat contact point on the valve will be very
narrow, and is a normal condition. Look for an
even and continuous contact point all the way
around the valve face
it is too
9925724 R01 - 2014-2015 RZR XP 1000 / RZR XP4 1000 Service Manual
© Copyright 2014 Polaris Industries Inc.
Intake Seat Cutter Diameter: 1.567" (39.80 mm)
Exhaust Seat Cutter Diameter: 1.364" (34.65 mm)
Valve Seat Width:
Intake: 0.0393 ± 0.0039" (1.0 ± 0.10 mm)
Service Limit: 0.0551" (1.4 mm)
Exhaust: 0.0590 ± 0.0039" (1.5 ± 0.10 mm)
Service Limit: 0.0748" (1.9 mm)


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

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