Steering Wheel Removal (Non-Eps Models); Steering Shaft Removal (Non-Eps Models) - Polaris RZR XP 1000 Service Manual

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Steering Wheel Removal (Non-EPS Models)

This procedure should NOT be used on EPS models.
Using this procedure on an EPS model can
permanently damage the EPS unit and cause a Power
Steering Fault.
1. Remove the steering wheel cap.
2. Loosen the nut and back it half way off the steering
3. With a glove on your hand, place it under the
steering wheel. Lift upward on the inner portion of
the steering wheel while using a hammer to strike
the steering shaft nut.
NOTE: If the steering wheel will not pop loose,
proceed to
Steering Shaft Removal (Non-EPS
Models), page 8.6.
4. Once the steering wheel pops loose, completely
remove the nut and lift the steering wheel off the
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Steering Shaft Removal (Non-EPS Models)

1. Remove the pinch bolt
of the steering shaft
assembly .
2. Remove the fastener retaining the upper portion of
the steering wheel tilt shock to the pivot tube.
3. Remove the two fasteners that retain the pivot tube.
4. Remove the steering shaft, pivot tube and steering
wheel from the vehicle as an assembly.
5. Refer to steps 11-13 of the Steering Shaft Bearing
Replacement, page 8.7 procedure for installation.
retaining the lower portion
to the steering gear box


Table of Contents

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