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20. Add oil to the body tube until the surface of the oil is
at the top of the shock body threads.
NOTE: During installation, some shock oil will
over flow. Wrap a shop cloth around the shock
body to catch any oil overflow.
21. Pull the damping piston up until it is just below the
surface of the oil.
22. Hold the rod eyelet with one hand. With other hand,
slide the bearing cap down the shaft until contact
with the body is made. Oil will overflow from around
the bearing cap.
23. Screw the bearing cap assembly into the shock body
by hand, holding the rod up so that the bearing cap is
in contact with the bottom of the damping piston
assembly. Be careful not to cross-thread the bearing
24. Using a 1" open-end wrench, tighten the bearing
25. Using a 3/32" Allen wrench, remove the IFP bleed
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26. Set the IFP depth to the specified length from the top
of the reservoir.
IFP Depth:
FRONT: 3.375" (85.7 mm)
REAR RZR XP 1000: 6.25" (158.8 mm)
REAR RZR XP 4 1000: 7.25ʺ (184.2 mm)
27. Using a long 3/32" Allen wrench, install the IFP bleed
NOTE: Apply grease to the end of the Allen
wrench so the bleed screw sticks to it during
28. Pour the residual shock oil out of the reservoir into a
proper disposal container.
29. Install the reservoir cap. Push down on the reservoir
cap using even pressure until the retaining ring
groove is exposed.
30. Install the retaining ring and check to make sure
retaining ring is seated properly.
31. Push the shock rod assembly completely into the
shock body. It should go all the way down smoothly
without interference. If it does not, disassemble and
reassemble per this procedure.
32. Secure the shock body in a vise by its lower mount.


Table of Contents

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