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Shift Weight Inspection; Button To Tower Clearance Inspection - Polaris RZR XP 1000 Service Manual

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Shift Weight Inspection

1. Remove shift weight bolts and weights. Inspect the
contact surface of each weight. The surface should
be smooth and free of dents or gall marks. Inspect
the weight pivot bore and bolts for wear or galling. If
weights or bolts are worn or broken, replace in sets
of three with new bolts and nuts.
The clutch assembly is a precisely balanced unit. Never
replace parts with used parts from another clutch
A damaged shift weight is usually
caused by a damaged or stuck roller in the spider
assembly. See "Drive Clutch Roller Pin and
Button Service".
9925724 R01 - 2014-2015 RZR XP 1000 / RZR XP4 1000 Service Manual
© Copyright 2014 Polaris Industries Inc.

Button To Tower Clearance Inspection

1. Inspect the button to tower clearance as shown.
Replace the drive clutch if clearance is beyond
Button to Tower Clearance:
0.000-.012" (.000-.304 mm)
2. Inspect the tower sheave surfaces. Replace the
drive clutch if worn, damaged or cracked.


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