Cylinder Head Disassembly - Polaris RZR XP 1000 Service Manual

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Cylinder Head Disassembly

Wear eye protection during cylinder head disassembly
and reassembly or when working with the valve springs.
NOTE: Keep mated parts together and in order with
respect to their location in the cylinder head for
assembly purposes. It is important to install cylinder
head components back in the same location. Mark
each component or place them in an organized rack
as you remove them.
1. Remove the valve tappet
Note the tappet size
the bucket.
from the cylinder head.
engraved on the underside of
9925724 R01 - 2014-2015 RZR XP 1000 / RZR XP4 1000 Service Manual
© Copyright 2014 Polaris Industries Inc.
2. Compress the valve spring by hand using valve
spring compressor adapter (PV-43513-A).
3. Push down on spring and remove split keepers
4. Slowly release valve spring pressure and remove the
compressor adapter.
5. Remove the valve retainer
stem seal
and valve spring seat
valve seal.
NOTE: Replace valve seals whenever cylinder
head is disassembled. Hardened, cracked or
worn seals will cause excessive oil consumption.
6. Lift up the cylinder head and push the valve
keeping it in order for reassembly in the same valve
7. Repeat the previous steps to remove the remaining
8. Clean the combustion chamber and head gasket
9. Check the condition of each valve spring. Replace if
wear or cracking is present on the spring.
, valve spring
, valve
. Discard the


Table of Contents

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