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Current Draw - Key Off

Do not connect or disconnect the battery cable or
ammeter with the engine running. Damage will occur to
electrical components.
Connect an ammeter in series with the negative battery
cable. Check for current draw with the key off. If the draw
is excessive, loads should be disconnected from the
system one by one until the draw is eliminated. Check
component wiring as well as the component for partial
shorts to ground to eliminate the draw.
Current Draw - Key Off:
Maximum of .01 DCA (10 mA)
9925724 R01 - 2014-2015 RZR XP 1000 / RZR XP4 1000 Service Manual

Charging System "Break Even" Test

disconnected with the engine running. Follow the steps
below as outlined to reduce the chance of damage to
The "break even" point of the charging system is the
point at which the alternator overcomes all system loads
(lights, etc.) and begins to charge the battery. Depending
on battery condition and system load, the break even
point may vary slightly. The battery should be fully
charged before performing this test.
Never start the engine with an ammeter connected in
series. Damage to the meter or meter fuse will result.
1. Using an inductive amperage metering device, (set
2. With engine off, key switch and lights in the on
3. Shift transmission into park and start the engine.
4. Increase engine RPM while observing ammeter and
5. With lights and other electrical loads off, the "break
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Do not allow the battery cables to become
electrical components.
Do not run test for extended period of time.
Do not run test with high amperage accessories.
to DC amps) connect to the negative battery cable.
position, the ammeter should read negative amps
(battery discharge).
With the engine running at idle, observe meter
tachometer. Note the RPM at which the battery starts
to charge (ammeter indication is positive).
even" point should occur at approximately 1500
RPM or lower.


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