Fuel Pump Test - Polaris RZR XP 1000 Service Manual

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Fuel Pump Test

If a fuel delivery problem is suspected, make certain the
fuel pump filters are not plugged, that the pump is being
activated through the ECU, all electrical connections are
properly secured, the fuses are good, and a minimum of
7.0 volts is being supplied. If during starting the battery
voltage drops below 7.0 volts, the ECU will fail to operate
the system.
Fuel is extremely flammable and may cause severe
burns, injury, or death.
Do not use any device that produces a flame or
electrical devices that may spark around
fuel or fuel vapors.
1. Remove the passenger seat from the vehicle.
2. Cover the fuel line connection at the fuel tank with a
shop towel and disconnect the line from the fuel
pump outlet.
3. Install the Fuel Pressure Gauge Adapter (PV-48656)
in-line between the fuel pump outlet and fuel line.
4. Connect the hose from the Fuel Pressure Gauge Kit
(PU-43506-A) to the test valve on the Fuel Pressure
Gauge Adapter (PV-48656). Route clear hose into a
portable gasoline container or the vehicle's fuel tank.
5. Turn on key switch to activate the pump and check
the system pressure on the gauge. If system
pressure of 58 ± 2 psi (400 ± 14 kPa) is observed,
the ignition switch, ECU, fuel pump, and pressure
regulator are working properly. Turn the key switch
off and depress the valve button on the tester to
relieve the system pressure.
Fuel Pressure:
58 ± 2 psi (400 ± 14 kPa).
NOTE: If the fuel pressure is out of specification,
replace the fuel pump assembly.
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6. If the pump did not activate (Step 5), disconnect the
harness connector from the fuel pump. Connect a
DC voltmeter across terminals "3" and "4" in the plug
on the vehicle fuel pump harness. Turn on the key
switch and observe voltage to ensure a minimum of
7 volts is present.
NOTE: If the voltage was below 7 VDC, test the
battery, ignition switch, relay (s), wiring harness
and ECU.
7. If the reading is between 7 and 14 volts, turn key
switch off and connect an ohmmeter between
terminals "3" and "4"' at the white fuel pump
connector to check for continuity within the fuel
NOTE: If there was no continuity between the
pump terminals, replace the fuel pump assembly.
8. If voltage at the plug was within the specified range,
and there was continuity across the pump terminals,
reconnect the plug to the fuel pump, making sure
you have a clean connection. Turn on the key switch
and listen for the pump to activate.
NOTE: If the pump starts, repeat steps 3, 4 and 5
to verify correct pressure.
9. If the pump still does not operate, check for correct
ECU operation by plugging in a known-good ECU of
the same model.
NOTE: If the pump still does not operate, replace
the fuel pump assembly.


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