General Vehicle Inspection And Maintenance; Pre-Ride / Daily Inspection; Shift Cable Inspection / Adjustment - Polaris RZR XP 1000 Service Manual

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Pre-Ride / Daily Inspection

Perform the following pre-ride inspection daily, and when
servicing the vehicle at each scheduled maintenance.
• Engine Oil - Check for proper level on dipstick (see
Chapter 2 – Engine Oil Level, page 2.17)
• Tires - check condition and pressures
• Fuel tank - fill to proper level
• All brakes - check operation and fluid level and
adjustment (includes parking brake on INT'L
• Headlights/Taillights/Brakelights
operation of all indicator lights, instrument cluster
and switches
• Ignition switch - check for proper function
• Wheels - check for tightness of wheel nuts and
axle nuts; check to be sure axle nuts are secured
by cotter pins
• Engine Intake Pre-Filter - Inspect pre-filter and
clean with soapy water and low pressure
compressed air if necessary
• PVT Intake Pre-Filter - Inspect pre-filter and clean
with soapy water and low pressure compressed air
if necessary
• Steering - check for free operation noting any
unusual looseness in any area
• Loose parts - visually inspect vehicle for any
damaged or loose nuts, bolts or fasteners
• Engine coolant - check for proper level at the
recovery bottle
• Drive Shaft Boots - Inspect inner and outer boots
for tears or damage on both front and rear drive
• Check all front and rear suspension components
for wear or damage.
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Shift Cable Inspection / Adjustment

Shift cable adjustment may be necessary if symptoms
• No gear position or AWD display on instrument
• Ratcheting noise on deceleration
• Inability to engage into a gear
• Excessive gear lash (noise)
• Gear selector moving out of desired range
1. Locate the shift cable
case in the right rear wheel well area.
2. Inspect shift cable, clevis pin, pivot bushings
dust boot
. Replace if worn or damaged.
3. If adjustment is required, loosen the lower jam nut
and pull the cable out of the mount
upper jam nut
4. Adjust the shift cable so there is the same amount of
cable travel when shifting slightly past HIGH gear
and PARK.
attached to the transmission
, and
to move the


Table of Contents

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