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Polaris RZR XP 1000 Service Manual page 348

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10. Inspect the AWD coil located in the outer cover plate
assembly. Refer to AWD Diagnosis, page 7.32 for
detailed inspection process. Replace the cover plate
seal and O-ring.
11. Remove the roll cage assembly and rollers from the
clutch housing. Use a shop towel to cover the
housing in order to retain all the rollers.
NOTE: Rollers are spring loaded. Take care not
to allow them to fall out or lose them upon
removal of the roll cage.
12. Thoroughly clean all parts and inspect the rollers (A)
for nicks and scratches. The rollers must slide up
and down and in and out freely within the roll cage
(B) sliding surfaces and H-springs.
NOTE: Refer to the "Electronic Parts Catalog"
for individual part availability. Most parts are to
be replaced as an assembly or as a complete kit.
13. Inspect clutch housing / ring gear (C) for a consistent
wear pattern. Inspect the ring gear for chipped,
broken, or missing teeth.
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14. Inspect the roll cage assembly (B) sliding surfaces
and H-springs. The sliding surfaces must be clean
and free of nicks, burrs or scratches. If damaged,
replace the roll cage assembly.
15. Inspect both output hub assemblies. Inspect the
bearings and replace if needed.
16. Clean and inspect all remaining front gearcase
components. Check each for excessive wear or


Table of Contents

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