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Trouble Code Display (ETC)

NOTE: The diagnostic mode is accessible only
when the check engine MIL has been activated.
Use the following procedure to display diagnostic trouble
codes that were activated during current ignition cycle
causing the MIL to illuminate. Diagnostic trouble codes
will remain stored in the gauge (even if MIL turns off) until
the key is turned off.
NOTE: If there is a diagnostic problem with the
power steering system, the power steering MIL will
illuminate and blink in place of the check engine MIL.
1. If the trouble code (s) are not displayed, use the
MODE button to toggle until "CK ENG" displays on
the information display area.
2. Press and hold the MODE button to enter the
diagnostics code menu.
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3. A set of three numbers will appear in the information
• The first number (located far left) can range from 0
to 9. This number represents the total number of
trouble code present (example: 2 means there are
3 codes present).
• The second number (located top right) can be 2 to
6 digits in length. This number equates to the
suspected area of fault (SPN).
• The third number (located bottom right) can be 1
to 2 digits in length. This number equates to the
fault mode (FMI).
4. If more than one code exists, press the MODE
button to advance to the next trouble code.
5. To exit the diagnostic mode, press and hold the
MODE button or turn the ignition key OFF once the
codes are recorded.


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