Battery Removal / Installation; Battery Off Season Storage; Battery Testing; Ocv - Open Circuit Voltage Test - Polaris RZR XP 1000 Service Manual

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Battery Removal / Installation

See Chapter 2 –
Battery Removal, page 2.34 and
Battery Installation, page 2.35 procedures.

Battery Off Season Storage

Whenever vehicle is not used for a period of three
months or more, remove the battery from the vehicle,
ensure that it's fully charged, and store it out of the sun in
a cool, dry place. Check battery voltage each month
during storage and recharge as needed to maintain a full
NOTE: Battery charge can be maintained by using a
Polaris battery tender charger or by charging once a
month to make up for normal self-discharge. Battery
tenders can be left connected during the storage
period, and will automatically charge the battery if
the voltage drops below a pre-determined point.

Battery Testing

Whenever a service complaint is related to either the
starting or charging systems, the battery should be
checked first.
The following are two tests which can easily be made on
a sealed Maintenance Free battery to determine its
condition: OCV Test and a Load Test.
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OCV - Open Circuit Voltage Test

Battery voltage should be checked with a digital
multitester. Readings of 12.6 volts or less require further
battery testing and charging. See the following chart and
"Load Test".
NOTE: Maintenance Free batteries should be kept at
a high state of charge during storage. If the battery is
stored or used at a low state of charge, hard crystal
sulfation will form on the plates, reducing the
efficiency and service life of the battery.
Use a volt/ohm meter to test battery voltage.
75% Charged
50% Charged
25% Charged
0% Charged
12.8 V and up
12.6 V
12.3 V
12.0 V
11.8 V or less


Table of Contents

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