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The following procedure involves the use of an open
flame. Perform this procedure in a well ventilated area,
away from gasoline or other flammable materials. Be
sure the area to be flame treated is clean and free of
gasoline or flammable residue.
Do not flame treat components that are installed on the
vehicle. Remove the component from the vehicle
before flame treating.
The body cab components are plastic polyethylene
material. Therefore, they must be "flame treated" prior to
installing a decal to ensure good adhesion. The flame
treating procedure can also be used to reduce or
eliminate the whitish stress marks that are sometimes
left after a fender or cab is bent, flexed, or damaged.
Do not flame treat painted plastic components. Painted
plastic surfaces should only be wiped clean prior to
decal adhesion.
To flame treat the decal area:
1. Pass the flame of a propane torch back and forth
quickly over the area where the decal is to be applied
until the surface appears slightly glossy. This should
occur after just a few seconds of flame treating. Do
not hold the torch too close to the surface (2-3 inches
from the flame tip is recommended). Keep the torch
moving to prevent damage.
2. Apply the decal on one edge first. Slowly lay down
remainder of the decal while rubbing lightly over the
decal surface to eliminate any air bubbles during the
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Table of Contents

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