Brake System; Brake Fluid Inspection; Brake Pad / Disc Inspection - Polaris RZR XP 1000 Service Manual

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Brake Fluid Inspection

Always check the brake pedal travel and inspect the
brake fluid reservoir level before each operation. If the
fluid level is low, add DOT 4 brake fluid only.
Brake fluid should be changed every two years. The fluid
should also be changed anytime the fluid becomes
contaminated, the fluid level is below the minimum level,
or if the type and brand of the fluid in the reservoir is
The brake fluid master cylinder reservoir can be
accessed through the left front wheel well.
1. Position the vehicle on a level surface.
2. Place the transmission in PARK.
3. View the brake fluid level in the reservoir
level should be between the MAX and MIN level
4. If the fluid level is lower than the MIN level line, add
brake fluid until it reaches the MAX level line.
5. Install the reservoir cap and apply the brake pedal
forcefully for a few seconds and check for fluid
leakage around the master cylinder fittings and the
brake caliper fittings.
. The
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Brake Pad / Disc Inspection

1. Check the brake pads for wear, damage, or
2. Inspect the brake pad surface for excessive wear.
3. Pads should be changed when the friction material
is worn to 0.040" (1 mm).
Brake Pad Thickness
Service Limit: 0.040" (1 mm)
4. Check surface condition of the brake discs.
5. Measure the thickness of the front and rear brake


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents