Belt Inspection; Belt Installation; Pvt Break-In (Drive Belt / Clutches) - Polaris RZR XP 1000 Service Manual

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Belt Inspection

1. Inspect belt for hour glassing (extreme circular wear
in at least one spot and on both sides of the belt).
Hour glassing occurs when the drive train does not
move and the drive clutch engages the belt.
2. Inspect belt for loose cords, missing cogs, cracks,
abrasions, thin spots, or excessive wear. Compare
belt measurements with a new drive belt. Replace if
3. Belts with thin spots, burn marks, etc., should be
replaced to eliminate noise, vibration, or erratic PVT
operation. See the Troubleshooting Chart at the end
of this chapter for possible causes.

Belt Installation

NOTE: Be sure to install belt in the same direction
as it was removed.
1. With the clutch spreader tool installed (2877408 or
2878925), loop the belt over the drive clutch and
over the driven clutch.
2. Rotate the driven clutch and walk the belt into the
3. Remove the clutch spreader tool from driven clutch
4. Rotate / spin the driven clutch and belt approximately
5-7 times to properly seat the belt in the driven
5. Install the outer clutch cover and eight screws.
Torque screws to specification.
Outer Clutch Cover Retaining Screws:
48 in-lb (5 Nm)
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PVT Break-In (Drive Belt / Clutches)

A proper break-in of the clutches and drive belt will
ensure a longer life and better performance. Break in the
clutches and drive belt by operating at slower speeds
during the 10 hour break-in period as recommended (see
Chapter 3 –
Engine Break-In Period, page 3.32 for
break-in example). Pull only light loads. Avoid aggressive
acceleration and high speed operation during the break-
in period.


Table of Contents

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