Front Gearcase Lubrication - Polaris RZR XP 1000 Service Manual

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10. Add the recommended amount of lubricant through
the fill plug hole. Maintain the lubricant level at the
bottom of the fill plug hole when filling the
transmission. Do not overfill.
Recommended Transmission Lubricant:
AGL (PN 2878068) (Quart)
Capacity: 44 oz. (1300 ml)
Capacity (INT'L): 41 oz. (1200 ml)
11. Reinstall the fill plug and torque to specification.
Transmission Fill / Drain Plug Torque:
14 ft-lbs (19 Nm)
12. Check for leaks. Dispose of used lubricant properly.
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Front Gearcase Lubrication

NOTE: It is important to follow the front gearcase
maintenance intervals described in the Periodic
Maintenance Chart. Regular fluid level inspections
should be performed as well.
The front gearcase fluid level should be checked and
changed in accordance with the maintenance schedule.
• Be sure vehicle is positioned on a level surface
when checking or changing the fluid.
• Check vent hose to be sure it is routed properly
and unobstructed.
Front Gearcase Fluid Level Check
The fill plug is located on the bottom right side of the front
gearcase. Access the fill plug through the right front
wheel well. Maintain fluid level even with the bottom of
the fill plug hole.
1. Position vehicle on a level surface.
2. Remove the fill plug
3. If fluid level is not even with the bottom threads, add
the recommended fluid as needed. Do not overfill.
4. Reinstall the fill plug and torque to specification.
Front Gearcase Fill / Drain Plug Torque:
10 ft-lbs (14 Nm)
Front Gearcase Fluid Change:
The drain plug is located on the bottom of the front
gearcase. Access the drain plug through the access
hole in the frame underneath the front gearcase.
5. Remove the fill plug (see Chapter 2 –
Gearcase Lubrication, page 2.24).
and check the fluid level.


Table of Contents

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