Awd Diagnosis - Polaris RZR XP 1000 Service Manual

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AWD Diagnosis

Symptom: AWD Will Not Engage
1. Check the gearcase coil resistance. To test the coil
resistance, measure between the power wire
and ground wire
(BN/WH). Measurement should
be within specification.
Front Gearcase Coil Resistance:
21 - 27 Ω
2. Turn on ignition and AWD switches and place gear
selector in High or Low. Check for minimum battery
voltage at Gray and Brown/White chassis wires that
power the coil. Should have a minimum of 11 Vdc.
3. If electrical tests are within specification, remove
gearcase (see Chapter 7 –
Removal, page 7.33) and inspect components.
Front Gearcase
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4. Inspect armature plate
pattern. There should be two distinct wear bands
If only one band of wear is present (or if there is wear
between the two bands), inspect the coil area as
indicated in Step 5. A wear band with an interrupted
wear mark may indicate a warped plate, which may
cause intermittent operation.
5. Check to make sure the coil
insert that is pressed into the gearcase
. The top of the coil should be seated below
the U-shaped insert. The U-shaped insert controls
the pole gap. If the top of the coil is above the
surface of the U-shaped insert it raises the armature
plate, thereby increasing pole gap. If the pole gap
increases the coil will not be strong enough to
engage the AWD system. If this is found, replace the
cover plate assembly.
for a consistent wear
is seated in the U-


Table of Contents

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