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Programmed Service Interval
The initial factory service interval setting is 50 hours.
Each time the engine is started, the engine hours are
subtracted from the service interval hours. When the
service interval reaches 0, the LCD wrench icon will
flash for approximately 10 seconds each time the
engine is started.
To change the hour setting or reset the function,
follow these steps:
3. Toggle the MODE button until the wrench icon is
displayed in the information area.
4. Press and hold the MODE button until the
information display area begins to flash.
5. Toggle the MODE button to increase the service
interval hours in 5 hour increments to a maximum of
100 hours.
6. To turn off the service interval function, toggle the
MODE button until "OFF" is displayed.
The clock displays the time in a 12-hour or 24-hour
format. Refer to "Units of Measurement" to change
the format (Standard 12-hour / Metric-24 hour). To
set the clock, follow these steps:
7. Toggle the MODE button until the odometer is
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8. Press and hold the MODE button until the hour
segment flashes. Release the button.
9. With the segment flashing, tap the MODE button to
advance to the desired setting.
10. Press and hold the MODE button until the next
segment flashes. Release the button.
11. Repeat steps 3-4 twice to set the 10 minute and 1
minute segments. After completing the 1-minute
segment, step 4 will save the new settings and exit
the clock mode.
Units of Measurement
Miles (MPH)
12-Hour Clock
To change between Standard and Metric units of
measurement, follow these steps:
12. Turn the key to the OFF position.
13. Press and hold the MODE button while turning the
key to the ON position.
Kilometers (KM/
24-Hour Clock


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