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9. Install the spider dampener (G) inside the outer
spider and install the inside spider plate (H).
10. Install the spider assembly onto the shaft with the
retaining ring on top of the spider. NOTE: Use the
marks previously made to align the skip tooth spider,
or use the "X" on top of the spider and align it with
the skip tooth on the shaft.
11. Place the driven clutch into the Universal Clutch
Compressor PU-50518.
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12. Press down on the top of the spider assembly,
pushing the spider onto the shaft.
13. Slowly compress the spider into place. If the spider
appears to bind while compressing, stop and make
sure the skip-tooth on the shaft and the spider are
aligned. Once the spider passes the retaining ring
notch on the shaft, install the retaining ring.
14. Install the cam (helix) assembly over the shaft. Line
up the "X" on the cam, "X" on spider, and "X" on the
stationary sheave or use the marks previously made
before disassembly. NOTE: If the cam assembly
(helix) is difficult to install, be sure the sheaves are
aligned. To align the sheaves place the clutch
assembly on a flat surface with the cam assembly
(helix) side down. Press down on the moveable
sheave belt face with both hands and the helix will


Table of Contents

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