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Rider Information Display

The rider information display is located in the instrument
cluster. All segments will light up for 1 second at start-up.
NOTE: If the instrument cluster fails to illuminate, a
battery over-voltage may have occurred and the
instrument cluster may have shut off to protect the
electronic speedometer.
1. Vehicle Speed Display - Analog display of vehicle
speed in MPH or km/h.
2. Information Display Area - Odometer / Trip Meter
/ Tachometer / Engine Temperature / Engine
Hours / Service Info / Clock - LCD display of the
service hour interval, total vehicle miles or km., total
engine hours, a trip meter, engine RPM and engine
3. MPH / KM/H Display - MPH is displayed when the
instrument cluster is in the Standard mode. KM/H is
displayed when the instrument cluster is in the Metric
4. High
whenever the Headlamp switch is in the high beam
5. Fuel Level Indicator - LCD bar graph indicating
current fuel level. All segments will flash when the
last segment is cleared indicating a low fuel warning.
6. Clock - Displays current time in either 12-hour or 24-
hour formats.
7. Engine
illuminates when the ECM determines the engine is
overheating. The indicators will initially flash to
indicate the engine is overheating. The indicators will
stay lit and not flash if a severe overheating condition
8. Service Interval Indicator - Preset at the factory
and adjustable by the user, a flashing wrench symbol
alerts the operator that the preset service interval
has been reached and maintenance should be
performed. The wrench icon will flash for 10 seconds
upon start-up once it reaches 0.
9. Check Engine MIL - Illuminated when the ECM has
detected a Diagnostic Trouble Code in the engine
management system.
10. AWD Indicator - Illuminated when the AWD / 2WD
switch is in the AWD position.
11. TURF Indicator - Illuminated when the AWD / TURF
switch is in the TURF position (INT'L Model Only).
12. Neutral Gear Indicator - LED icon illuminates when
gear selector is in the neutral (N) position.
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© Copyright 2014 Polaris Industries Inc.
13. Gear Position Indicator - Displays gear selector
H = High
L = Low
N = Neutral
R = Reverse
P = Park
– = Gear Signal Error (shifter stuck between gears)
14. Power Steering System MIL - LED icon illuminates
when a fault has occurred with the power steering
system. This indicator illuminates when the key is
turned to the ON position and goes off when the
engine is started (EPS Option Only).
15. Turn Signal / Hazard Lamp Indicator - LED icon
illuminates whenever the LH, RH or hazard lamps
are activated (INT'L Models Only).
16. Helmet / Seat Belt Indicator - LED icon illuminates
for several seconds when the key is turned to the ON
position. The lamp is a reminder to the operator to
ensure all riders are wearing helmets and seat belts
before operating the vehicle.
17. Hours Indicator - Illuminates when Hours are being
displayed on the Information Display
18. Mode Button - Used to move through the menu


Table of Contents

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