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Cooling System Overview

The engine coolant level is controlled, or maintained, by
the recovery system. The recovery system components
are the recovery bottle, radiator filler neck, radiator
pressure cap and connecting hose.
As coolant operating temperature increases, the
expanding (heated) excess coolant is forced out of the
radiator past the pressure cap and into the recovery
bottle. As engine coolant temperature decreases the
contracting (cooled) coolant is drawn back up from the
tank past the pressure cap and into the radiator.
NOTE: Some coolant level drop on new machines is
normal as the system is purging itself of trapped air.
Observe coolant levels often during break-in period.
Overheating of engine could occur if air is not fully
purged from system.
Polaris Premium 50/50 Antifreeze is premixed and
ready to use. Do not dilute with water.

Coolant Strength

Test the strength of the coolant using an antifreeze
• A 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and distilled water
will provide the optimum cooling, corrosion
protection, and antifreeze protection.
• Do not use tap water, straight antifreeze or straight
water in the system. Tap water contains minerals
and impurities which build up in the system.
• Straight water or antifreeze may cause the system
to freeze, corrode, or overheat.
Recommended Coolant:
Polaris Premium Pre-Mixed Antifreeze
(PN 2880514) (Quart)
(PN 2880513) (Gallon)
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Coolant Level Inspection

The pressure cap
and recovery bottle
under the front hood of the vehicle. The coolant level
must be maintained between the minimum and
maximum levels indicated on the recovery bottle.
With the engine at operating temperature, the coolant
level should be between the upper and lower marks on
the coolant recovery bottle. If not, perform the following
1. Position the vehicle on a level surface.
2. Remove the front hood.
3. View the coolant level in the recovery bottle.
4. If the coolant level is below the MIN line, inspect the
coolant level in the radiator.
NOTE: If overheating is evident, allow system to
cool completely and check coolant level in the
radiator and inspect for signs of trapped air in
Never remove the pressure cap when the engine is
warm or hot. Escaping steam can cause severe burns.
The engine must be cool before removing the pressure
5. Remove the pressure cap. Using a funnel, add
coolant to the top of the filler neck.
6. Reinstall the pressure cap.
NOTE: Use of a non-standard pressure cap will
not allow the recovery system to function
7. Remove recovery bottle cap and add coolant using a
are located


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