Engine Service; Accessible Engine Components; Top-End Service (Engine In Chassis); Engine Removal - Polaris RZR XP 1000 Service Manual

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Accessible Engine Components

The following components can be serviced or removed
with the engine installed:
• Camshaft(s)
• Camshaft Sprocket(s)
• Cylinder Head
• Flywheel
• Oil Cooler
• Starter Motor / Idler Gear Asm
• Stator (Alternator)
• Thermostat
• Valve Cover
• Water Pump
The following components require engine removal for
• Camshaft Timing Chain
• Connecting Rod(s)
• Counterbalance Shaft / Bearings
• Crankcase
• Crankshaft / Main Bearings
• Crankshaft Seal (PTO)
• Cylinder
• Oil Pump / Oil Pump Sprocket or Chain
• Piston / Rings
9925724 R01 - 2014-2015 RZR XP 1000 / RZR XP4 1000 Service Manual
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Top-End Service (Engine in Chassis)

Some top-end engine components can be serviced while
the engine is mounted in the chassis.
To service the top-end of the engine refer to
Clearance Inspection, page 2.20, which provides
detailed steps to access the valve cover.

Engine Removal

Some engine repair procedures can be
performed without removing the engine assembly
from the vehicle. Refer to
Components, page 3.24 for further information.
The use of an overhead or portable engine hoist is
the only recommended method for removing and
installing the engine.
Have an assistant help guide the engine in and out of
the vehicle while using an engine hoist to prevent
personal injury or damage to vehicle components.
Always wear safety glasses and proper shop clothing
when performing the procedures in this Service
Manual. Failing to do so may lead to possible injury.
1. If vehicle was recently operated, allow it to cool down
before attempting to perform any work.
2. Thoroughly clean the engine and chassis.
3. Drain the engine oil and coolant prior to engine
removal (See Chapter 2 – Coolant Drain / Fill, page
4. Remove the seats.
5. Disconnect the (-) negative battery cable from the
6. Remove the rear bumper and cargo box (see
Chapter 10 – Cargo Box Assembly Removal, page
7. Remove the air box assembly.
8. Elevate the rear of the vehicle off the ground using a
suitable lift and remove the left rear wheel.
Use care when supporting vehicle so that it does not tip
Serious injury may occur if vehicle tips or falls.
Accessible Engine
or fall.


Table of Contents

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