Spark Plug Service; Electrical - Polaris RZR XP 1000 Service Manual

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Spark Plug Service

Inspect and replace the spark plugs at the intervals
outlined in the Periodic Maintenance Chart.
1. Remove the cargo box access panel
A hot engine can cause serious burns. Allow engine to
cool or wear protective gloves when removing the spark
2. Remove both spark plug caps
NOTE: Note MAG and PTO reference decals on
spark plug wires for reassembly.
3. Clean out plug wells with compressed air to remove
any loose dirt or debris.
4. Rinse plug wells with water and dry with compressed
NOTE: Spark plug wells have drain holes built
into the cylinder head to allow water to drain out.
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5. Remove spark plugs using a 5/8" spark plug socket
with an extension.
6. Inspect electrodes for wear and carbon buildup.
Look for a sharp outer edge with no rounding or
erosion of the electrodes.
7. Clean with electrical contact cleaner or a glass bead
spark plug cleaner only. CAUTION: A wire brush or
coated abrasive should not be used.
8. Measure gap with a wire gauge. Adjust gap if
necessary by carefully bending the side electrode.
9. If necessary, replace spark plug with proper type.
CAUTION: Severe engine damage may occur if the
incorrect spark plug is used.
Recommended Spark Plug:
Champion RG4YCX
10. Apply anti-seize compound to the spark plug
11. Install spark plugs and torque to specification.
Spark Plug Torque:
7 ft-lbs (10 Nm)
12. Install the plug caps to the appropriate cylinder by
referencing the MAG and PTO spark plug wire
decals. Ensure wires are pushed down all the way so
they engage onto the spark plugs.
13. Reinstall the cargo box access panel.


Table of Contents

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