Piston / Connecting Rod Assembly - Polaris RZR XP 1000 Service Manual

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Piston / Connecting Rod Assembly

1. Lubricate connecting rod small end, piston pin bore
and piston pin with engine oil.
Do not re-use circlips. Circlips become deformed during
the removal process.
Do not compress the new clip more than necessary to
prevent loss of radial tension. Severe engine damage
may result if circlips are re-used or deformed during
2. Install a new circlip on one side of piston with gap at
the top (12:00 position) or bottom (6:00 position).
NOTE: Never re-use a piston pin circlip.
If reinstalling the original connecting rods,
orientate the rods the same as when removed. If
new connecting rods are being installed, they
can be installed either way (there is no piston pin
offset in the rod), however it is recommended
they be installed with rods facing the same
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3. Place piston
on connecting rod
through rod and piston until it seats against the
installed circlip.
NOTE: Do not tap on pin or cause any sideways
force to connecting rod. Warm piston crown with
a heat gun if pin cannot be installed by hand, or
use a piston pin installation tool.
DO NOT apply heat to piston rings or a loss of radial
tension could result.
4. Install the remaining circlip
(12:00 position) or bottom (6:00 position). Push the
piston pin in both directions to make sure the clips
are properly seated in the groove.
. Push piston pin
with gap at the top


Table of Contents

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