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EFI Service Notes

• For more convenient and accurate testing of EFI components, it is recommended dealers utilize the Digital
Wrench® Diagnostic Software (dealer only). Some testing may be done manually using the procedures
provided in this chapter.
• 80% of all EFI problems are caused by wiring harness connections.
• For the purpose of troubleshooting difficult running issues, a known-good ECU from another RZR of the same
model and year may be used without damaging system or engine components.
• Never attempt to service any fuel system component while engine is running or ignition switch is "on."
• Cleanliness is essential and must be maintained at all times when servicing or working on the EFI system. Dirt,
even in small quantities, can cause significant problems.
• Do not use compressed air if the system is open. Cover any parts removed and wrap any open joints with plastic
if they will remain open for any length of time. New parts should be removed from their protective packaging just
prior to installation.
• Clean any connector before opening to prevent dirt from entering the system.
• Although every precaution has been taken to prevent water intrusion failure, avoid direct water or spray contact
with system components.
• Do not disconnect or reconnect the wiring harness connector to the control unit or any individual components
with the ignition "on." This can send a damaging voltage spike through the ECU.
• Do not allow the battery cables to touch opposing terminals. When connecting battery cables attach the positive
(red) cable to positive (+) battery terminal first, followed by negative (black) cable to negative (-) battery terminal.
• Never start the engine when the cables are loose or poorly connected to the battery terminals.
• Never disconnect battery while engine is running.
• Never use a battery boost-pack to start the engine.
• Do not charge battery with key switch "on."
• Always disconnect negative (-) battery cable lead before charging battery.
• Always unplug ECU from the wire harness before performing any welding on the unit.
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Table of Contents

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