Troubleshooting; Poor Brake Performance; Pedal Vibration; Caliper Overheats (Brakes Drag) - Polaris RZR XP 1000 Service Manual

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Poor Brake Performance

• Air in system
• Water in system (brake fluid contaminated)
• Caliper or disc misaligned
• Caliper dirty or damaged
• Brake line damaged or lining ruptured
• Worn disc and/or friction pads
• Incorrectly adjusted stationary pad
• Worn or damaged master cylinder or components
• Damaged break pad noise insulator
• Brake pads dragging
• Brake caliper dragging

Pedal Vibration

• Disc damaged
• Disc worn (runout or thickness variance exceeds
service limit)

Caliper Overheats (Brakes Drag)

• Compensating port plugged
• Pad clearance set incorrectly
• Parking brake lever incorrectly adjusted (INT'L
• Brake pedal binding or unable to return fully
• Parking brake left on (INT'L Model)
• Residue build up under caliper seals
• Operator riding brakes

Brakes Lock

• Alignment of caliper to disc
• Caliper pistons sticking
• Improper assembly of brake system components
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents