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Ecu Replacement; Ecu Reprogramming (Reflash) - Polaris RZR XP 1000 Service Manual

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ECU Replacement

Although the need for ECU replacement is unlikely, a
specific replacement procedure is required to ensure that
all essential data contained within the original ECU is
transferred to the replacement ECU.
Refer to procedure and carefully follow all instructions
provided in Digital Wrench®.

ECU Reprogramming (Reflash)

Process Overview
The reprogramming feature is in the Special Tests menu
on the Digital Wrench® screen. Start Digital Wrench®
and click on the Special Tests menu icon (red tool box). A
technician should be familiar with the process and with
computer operation in general before attempting to
reprogram an ECU.
The Digital Wrench® Engine Controller Reprogramming
(or "Reflash") feature allows reprogramming of the ECU
fuel and ignition map. To successfully reprogram the
ECU, an Authorization Key must be obtained by entering
a Request Code in the box provided on the Reflash
Authorization site. The Request Code is automatically
generated by Digital Wrench® during the reprogramming
process. The Reflash Authorization site is located under
the "Service and Warranty" drop down menu on the
dealer website at:
instructions completely and correctly can result in
an engine that does not run! Replacement ECUs are
programmed as "no-start" and require a reflash for
them to work.
Reprogramming (Reflash) Tips:
• BATTERY VOLTAGE: The majority of problems
with reprogramming can be attributed to a low
battery. Be sure the battery voltage (no load) is at
least 13 volts and at least 12.5 volts with the key
'ON'. Connect a battery charger if necessary to
bring voltage level above minimum. Fully charge
the battery before you attempt to reprogram.
• DEDICATED LAPTOP: Best results are obtained
using a laptop computer that is "dedicated to
Digital Wrench®". A laptop that is used by a
variety of people and in several applications
around the dealership is more likely to cause a
reprogramming problem than one dedicated to
Digital Wrench® diagnostics only.
Reprogramming updates are provided periodically
and contain the most recent calibrations (see
Chapter 4 – Digital Wrench® Updates, page 4.47.
9925724 R01 - 2014-2015 RZR XP 1000 / RZR XP4 1000 Service Manual
© Copyright 2014 Polaris Industries Inc.
recommends that you DO NOT install non-
essential programs on a Service Department
Scanners, Tool Bars, etc. may clog up memory if
running in the background and make it harder for
the diagnostic software to operate.
• KNOW THE PROCESS: If you are not familiar with
the entire reprogramming process, review the
HELP section of the diagnostic software before
you attempt reprogramming. Click on the ? on the
tool bar or press F11. The information in the on-
line help is the most current and complete
information available. This should be your first
step until you are familiar with the process.
problems communicating with a vehicle while
performing diagnostic functions, do not attempt
reprogramming until the cause has been identified
and fixed. Check all connections, and be sure
battery voltage is as specified.
• Proceed to http://polaris. diagsys. com for specific
information and FAQs on how to troubleshoot
communication problems.
• DON'T DISTURB THE PC: While reprogramming
is in progress, don't move the mouse and don't
touch the keyboard. The process only takes a few
minutes, and is best left alone until complete.
Reprogramming (Reflash) Procedure:
If you are not familiar with the reprogramming process,
review the "Reprogramming (Reflash) Tips" before you
begin. Follow the on-screen instructions as you progress
through the steps. If you encounter a problem, always
check the On-Line help for current tips and information.
1. Verify the most current update has been downloaded
and loaded into Digital Wrench®. See
2. Connect SmartLink Module cables to PC and
vehicle. See, page 4.48
3. Open the Digital Wrench® program.


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