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Shift Cable; Inspection; Adjustment - Polaris RZR XP 1000 Service Manual

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Shift cable adjustment may be necessary if symptoms
• No gear position or AWD display on instrument
• Ratcheting noise on deceleration
• Inability to engage into a gear
• Excessive gear lash (noise)
• Gear selector moving out of desired range
Inspect shift cable, clevis pins, and pivot bushings and
replace if worn or damaged.
9925724 R01 - 2014-2015 RZR XP 1000 / RZR XP4 1000 Service Manual


1. Locate the shift cable attached to the transmission
2. Inspect shift cable
3. If adjustment is required, loosen the lower jam nut
4. Adjust the shift cable so there is the same amount of
5. Thread the upper or lower jam nut as required to
6. Once the proper adjustment is obtained, place the
7. Start engine and shift through all gears to ensure the
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case in the right rear wheel well area.
, clevis pin, pivot bushings, and
dust boot
. Replace if worn or damaged.
and pull the cable out of the mount
upper jam nut
cable travel when shifting slightly past HIGH gear
and PARK.
obtain proper cable adjustment.
This procedure may require a few
attempts to obtain the proper adjustment.
shift cable and upper jam nut into the mount. Tighten
the lower jam nut against the mount.
shift cable is properly adjusted. If transmission still
ratchets after cable adjustment, the transmission will
require service.
to move the


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