Registration Procedure For Remote Controller Id Code - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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3) Remove battery (4) from lower case (5).
Use care not to allow grease or dirt to be
attached on the printed circuit board and the
4) Replace the battery (lithium disc-type CR 2032 or
equivalent battery) so its (+) terminal faces on
remote controller lower case.
1. Upper case
2. Rubber switch
5) Install printed circuit board and rubber switch to
upper case and then fit lower case securely.
• To prevent theft, be sure to break the
remote controller before discarding it.
• Dispose of the used battery properly
according to applicable rules or
regulations. Do not dispose of lithium
batteries with ordinary household trash.
3. Printed circuit board
Keyless Start System:
Registration Procedure for Remote Controller
ID Code
• It is possible to register up to 4 remote
controllers in keyless start control module.
• Setting keyless start control module to ID
code registration mode of remote
controller will erase all remote controller ID
codes that have been registered in keyless
start control module.
Therefore, when registering remote
controller ID codes in keyless start control
module, have all of those to be registered
ready and execute their registration at the
same time.
• When registration of more than four
remote controller ID codes is attempted,
the oldest remote controller ID code will be
erased and that inputted after the fourth
one will be registered.
• When keyless start control module which
was used in another vehicle has been
installed, register the ID code of the remote
controller to the keyless start control
module first and then the following code.
– With immobilizer control system,
register the ignition key transponder
code for the immobilizer control system
in ECM. For registration procedure of
that, refer to "Registration of the Ignition
Key in Section 10C".
– Without immobilizer control system,
register the steering lock unit ID code in
keyless start control module. For
registration procedure of that, refer to
"Keyless Start Registration".


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

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