Diagnostic Information And Procedures; Self-Diagnosis Function; Keyless Start System Check - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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5. Key reminder switch
6. Driver side door antenna

Self-Diagnosis Function

The keyless start control module has self-diagnosis
function to monitor the system components and circuits
while the keyless start system is at work. When the
keyless start control module detects an abnormality in
the system, it saves the area where such abnormality
has occurred as a DTC in its memory. The DTC stored in
memory of the keyless start control module is indicated
by the key indicator light in the combination meter

Keyless Start System Check

1) Record details of the problem. For your record, use of a
questionnaire form will facilitate collecting information for
proper analysis and diagnosis.
2) Check if the problem described in "Customer
Questionnaire (Example)" actually occurs in the vehicle.
(This step should be performed with the customer if
Perform "Keyless Start System Operation Inspection"
procedure to check if the symptom which has occurred is
abnormal or not.
3) Check for DTC referring to "DTC Check", and then
record DTC(s).
4) Clear DTC referring to "DTC Clearance" if any DTC
exists, and then recheck for DTC.
Is any DTC still detected?
1) Check and repair referring to applicable "DTC Table".
Are check and repair complete?
1) Inspect and repair basic parts referring to "Keyless Start
System Symptom Diagnosis".
Is there faulty condition?
1) Check for intermittent problems referring to "Intermittent
and Poor Connection Inspection in Section 00".
Is there any faulty condition?
1) Confirm if the problem is solved and the keyless start
system is free from any abnormal conditions. If what has
been repaired is related to the DTC, clear the DTC once
and then confirm that no DTC is indicated.
Is there any problem symptom, DTC or abnormal condition?
14. Driver side door lock switch
15. Passenger side door lock switch

Diagnostic Information and Procedures

Keyless Start System:
flashing in a specific pattern. For DTC indication, refer to
"DTC Check" and for the clearing procedure, to "DTC
Keyless Start System Diagnosis Introduction
To ensure that the trouble diagnosis is done accurately
and smoothly, observe "Precautions in Diagnosing
Troubles" and follow "Keyless Start System Check".
Go to Step 2.
Go to Step 5.
Repair or replace
malfunction part(s), and
go to Step 5.
Repair or replace
malfunction part(s), and
go to Step 5.
Go to 2) of Step 1 and
perform trouble
diagnosis again.
Go to Step 3.
Check and repair
malfunction part(s), and
go to Step 5.
Go to Step 4.
Go to Step 5.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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