Keyless Start System Operation Inspection; Inspection Of Keyless Start Control Module And Its Circuits - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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Keyless Start System Operation Inspection

Keyless Engine Start Operation
1) Sit in driver seat with remote controller carried with
2) Check that all doors are closed and ignition key is
not inserted in ignition key cylinder.
3) While pushing ignition knob switch (1) of steering
lock unit, check if ignition knob switch can be turned
from its lock position.
If key indicator light (2) in combination meter lights in
blue and ignition knob switch can be turned from its
lock position in this check, keyless engine start
operation is in good condition.
If key indicator light in combination meter lights in red
and ignition knob switch cannot be turned from its
lock position in this check, go to "Keyless Start
System Check".
Pushing ignition knob switch for 5 seconds
or longer causes function to protect steering
lock releasing solenoid against heat to work.
Then steering lock unit stops energizing
solenoid, preventing ignition knob switch
from turning. At the same time, key indicator
light in combination meter turns off. In such
case, take your hand off from ignition knob
switch once and operate it again.
Keyless Start System:
Door Lock Operation (Keyless Start System)
1) Check that all door locks are released and all doors
are closed.
2) With remote controller of which ID code is registered
in keyless start control module carried with yourself,
check that pushing driver door request switch once
locks all doors.
3) Check that pushing request switch of driver door,
passenger door or rear end door (Hatchback) once
releases corresponding door lock.
4) Check that pushing again request switch pushed in
Step 3) releases all door locks.
If door of which request switch has been
pushed is opened/closed before performing
Step 4), all door locks will not be released
even when Step 4) is performed. If Step 4) is
performed after door is opened/closed, only
the door of which request switch was pushed
will be locked.
Inspection of Keyless Start Control Module and
Its Circuits
Keyless start control module and its circuits can be
checked at keyless start control module wiring couplers
by measuring voltage and resistance.
Keyless start control module cannot be
checked by itself. It is strictly prohibited to
connect voltmeter or ohmmeter to keyless
start control module with coupler
disconnected from it.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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