Keyless Start System; Precautions In Diagnosing Troubles - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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10E-1 Keyless Start System:

Keyless Start System

Control Systems

Precautions in Diagnosing Troubles

• The keyless start system executes data transmission/reception by means of the radio wave. Therefore, proper
operation may not be obtained if use of the door lock function and engine start function of the keyless start system
is attempted near the place where strong radio wave is emitted (TV and radio broadcasting stations, etc.).
• Diagnostic information stored in keyless start control module memory can be checked only by key indicator light.
• Be sure to use the trouble diagnosis procedure as described in "Keyless Start System Check". Failure to follow it
may result in incorrect diagnosis. (Some other DTC may be stored by mistake in the memory of keyless start control
module during inspection.)
• Be sure to read "Precautions for Electrical Circuit Service in Section 00" before inspection and observe what is
written there.
• Communication of ECM, TCM (A/T model), BCM, ABS or ESP
keyless start control module, steering angle sensor (if equipped), yaw rate/G sensor (if equipped) and combination
meter is established by CAN (Controller Area Network). (For detail of CAN communication for keyless start control
module, refer to "CAN Communication System Description"). Therefore, handle CAN communication line with care
referring to "Precaution for CAN Communication System in Section 00".
• Replacement of the keyless start control module
When keyless start control module is replaced with new one, make sure that register remote controller ID code to
keyless start control module correctly according to "Registration Procedure for Remote Controller ID Code".
• Keyless start control module substitution
When the keyless start control module used in another vehicle was installed in the vehicle being serviced, register
the ID code of the remote controller to the keyless start control module first and then the following code.
– With immobilizer control system, register the ignition key transponder code for the immobilizer control system in
ECM. For registration procedure of that, refer to "Registration of the Ignition Key in Section 10C".
– Without immobilizer control system, register the steering lock unit ID code in keyless start control module. For
registration procedure of that, refer to "Keyless Start Registration".
control module, 4WD control module (if equipped),


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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