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Keyless Start Registration - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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10E-33 Keyless Start System:
If remote controller or keyless start control module is
replaced or additional remote controller is necessary,
register ID code(s) of remote controller.
1) Sit in driver seat and close all doors.
2) Check that door lock of driver seat is unlocked.
3) Insert ignition key (1) into ignition key cylinder.
4) Perform Steps a) through f) described blow within 25
seconds after Step 3).
a) First push manual door lock switch (2) toward
lock side (3) and then push it toward unlock side
b) Repeat Step a) 2 more times.
c) Push lock side of manual door lock switch.
d) Remove ignition key from ignition key cylinder
once and then insert it again.
e) Repeat Step d) 3 more times.
Start engine and wait for 3 seconds.
When 60 seconds elapse after engine is
started, the above process to enter
registration mode will be cancelled.
Therefore, be sure to proceed to the next
step within 60 seconds.
5) Turn ignition switch to OFF position.
When ignition switch is turned to OFF position,
buzzer sounds twice and door lock is activated from
lock position to unlock position. This operation
indicates that keyless start control module has
entered registration mode.
6) Push lock or unlock button of remote controller within
30 seconds after Step 5) to be registered.
When lock or unlock button of remote controller is
pushed, buzzer sounds twice, door lock is activated
to lock position and then to unlock position. This
operation indicates that remote controller ID code
has been registered in keyless start control module.
If an additional remote controller needs to be
registered, repeat the procedure of Step 6) within 30
seconds after Step 5).
7) To end registration mode, remove ignition key from
ignition key cylinder or turn it to ON position.
In case of vehicle equipped with immobilizer control
system, if engine start function of keyless start
system does not work after registration, check ECM
if DTC P1615 is detected. If it is detected, go to
"DTC P1615: Steering Lock Unit Communication
Error in Section 10C". If it is not detected, perform
registration procedure again.

Keyless Start Registration

In case of vehicle not equipped with immobilizer control
system, register steering lock unit ID code in keyless
start control module when keyless start control module
which was used in another vehicle has been installed or
steering lock unit was replaced, according to "Keyless
start registration" of "Keyless Start System" under
"Utility" of "Immobi and/or Keyless System" mode of
SUZUKI scan tool (SUZUKI-SDT) referring to "SDT
Diagnosis Software Operator's Manual".


Table of Contents

Table of Contents