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Transport; Storage; Care And Maintenance - Kärcher NT 55/1 Tact Te M Original Instructions Manual

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Storing the Appliance
 Store the suction hose and the mains
cable as shown in the illustration.
 Place the appliance in a dry room and
secure it from unauthorized use.


Risk of injury and damage! Observe the
weight of the appliance when you transport it.
 Close the suction connection, see wet
 Remove the suction pipe with the floor
nozzle from the holder. Hold the appli-
ance by the handle and at the suction
pipe to transport it, not by the push han-
 When transporting in vehicles, secure
the appliance according to the guide-
lines from slipping and tipping over.


Risk of injury and damage! Note the weight
of the appliance in case of storage.
This appliance must only be stored in inte-
rior rooms.

Care and maintenance

First pull out the plug from the mains before
carrying out any tasks on the machine.
Dust extracting machines are safeguards
for the prevention or elimination of hazards
defined in the regulations of BGV A1.
– In order to carry out maintenance work,
the user must disassemble, clean and
service the unit, in so far as this is pos-
sible without endangering maintenance
personnel and other persons. Suitable
precautions include decontamination
before the unit is disassembled. Pre-
cautions must be taken for local filtered
forced air ventilation at the place where
the unit is disassembled, the cleaning of
the maintenance surface and suitable
protection of the personnel.
– The outside of the unit should be
cleaned thoroughly and any harmful
substances removed. Alternatively, a
sealed coating may be applied before
the unit is removed from the danger ar-
ea. All unit parts are to be considered
contaminated when they are removed
from the danger area. To avoid distribu-
tion of the dust, you must take the ap-
propriate measures.
– In the framework of maintenance and
repair work all contaminated objects
that cannot be cleaned satisfactorily
must be disposed of. Such objects must
be disposed of in impermeable bags in
accordance with the valid provisions for
the disposal of such waste.
– During the transport and maintenance
of the appliance the extraction opening
is to be closed with the connection
Safety equipment for preventing hazards
must be serviced and maintained regularly.
This means that the manufacturer's staff or
persons trained by the manufacturer must
check the equipment for proper functioning
at least once a year, i.e. check for leaks, fil-
ter damage, functioning of the controlling
elements, etc.
Risk of damage! Do not use detergents
containing silicone to clean.
– No outside help is required for carrying
out basic maintenance and cleaning.
– The appliance surface and the inside of
the container should be cleaned regu-
larly using a damp cloth.
Risk due to dust hazardous to health. Al-
ways use disposal clothing and P2 or high-
er breath-safe masks while carrying out
maintenance tasks (such as changing fil-
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