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Start Up; Dry Vacuum Cleaning - Kärcher NT 55/1 Tact Te M Original Instructions Manual

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– This appliance contains harmful dust.
Evacuation and maintenance work, in-
cluding the disposal of the dust collec-
tion containers, may only be performed
by specialists who wear the appropriate
protective equipment.
– Do not use the appliance without the
complete filtering system.
– Please follow the safety regulations ap-
plicable to the materials that are to be

Start up

The appliance allows 2 operating modes:
1 Industry vacuum cleaner mode (socket
not used)
2 Dedusting mode (socket used)
 Connect the suction hose and insert the
suction nozzle or connect to the dust-
generating device depending on the op-
erating mode.
The flat pleated filter must always be in
place while vacuuming.
Do not vacuum without the filter elements;
otherwise, the suction motor can get dam-
aged and this can be hazardous to health
on account of increased release of fine dust
The horn blows when the air speed falls be-
low 20 m/s.
Note: The horn reacts to negative pres-
 Set the rotary switch to the correct suc-
tion hose cross-section.
Anti-static system
Static charge is deflected by providing
earthing to the connection nozzles. This
prevents the formation of sparks and cur-
rent shocks due to attachments (option)
with electrical conductivity.

Dry vacuum cleaning

– The device is equipped with a fleece fil-
ter bag with a lock latch, order no.
6.907-480.0 (5 units).
– The device is equipped with a dust bag
with closing tape, order no. 6.596-886.0
(10 units).
Note: You can use this appliance to take up
all types of dust up to dust class M. It is stat-
utorily necessary to use a dust collection
bag (see Filter systems for order number).
Note: The appliance is suited as industrial
vacuum cleaner and as dedusting device
for the mobile operation to take up dry, non-
combustible dusts with MAK values greater
than or equal to 0.1 mg/m
– When vacuuming up fine dust, an addi-
tional fleece filter bag, a dust bag or a
membrane filter (special accessory)
must additionally be used.
Install fleece filter bag
 Release and remove the suction head.
 Insert the fleece filter bag.
 Insert and lock the suction head.
Installing the dust disposal bag
Note: The opening of the disposal bag
must be pulled all the way over the ledge of
the suction support.
 Release and remove the suction head.
 Attach disposal bag.
 Pull disposal bag over the container.
 Insert and lock the suction head.
Install membrane filter
The membrane filter must not be used to
vacuum health-hazardous dusts.
Note: During operation without a fleece fil-
ter bag / dust bag, a membrane filter can be
 Release and remove the suction head.
 Pull the membrane filter (option) over
the container edge.
 Insert and lock the suction head.
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