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Kärcher NT 55/1 Tact Te M Original Instructions Manual Page 20

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Changeover from wet to dry vacuum
Please note the following when switch-
ing from wet to dry vacuum cleaning:
If you vacuum dry dust while the filter ele-
ment is still wet the filter will become ob-
structed and may be damaged beyond re-
 Replace wet filter with a dry one prior to
 Change the filter, if required, according
to instructions under the section "Main-
tenance and Care".
Note: For permanent wet vacuum cleaning
it is advisable to use a PES flat pleated filter
(see filter systems).
Wet vacuum cleaning
No dusts hazardous to health should be
sucked in during wet vacuuming.
Inserting the rubber lips
 Remove the brush strips.
 Install the rubber lips.
Note: The structured side of the rubber lips
must point outwards.
Close the suction connection
 Properly insert the connection socket in
the suction connection.
 Push in the connection socket until it
locks into place.
Remove the fleece filter bag
 Release and remove the suction head.
 Pull the fleece filter bag towards the
 Fold in the lock latch and tightly close
the fleece filter bag.
 Dispose of the used fleece filter bag in
a dust-tight bag according to the statu-
tory provisions.
 Insert and lock the suction head.
– To suck wet dirt, first remove the fleece
filter bag.
Removing the dust disposal bag
 Release and remove the suction head.
 Put the disposal bag over.
 Pull the opening of the disposal bag out
toward the back over the suction sup-
 Tightly seal the disposal bag with clo-
sure strips underneath the opening.
 Remove disposal bag.
 Dispose of the disposal bag according
to the local provisions.
 Insert and lock the suction head.
– To suck wet dirt, always remove the dis-
posal bag.
Remove the membrane filter
 Release and remove the suction head.
 Remove the membrane filter.
 Insert and lock the suction head.
– To vacuum wet dirt, always remove the
membrane filter (option).
Drain off dirt water
 Drain off dirty water through the drain-
age hose.
– If wet dirt is vacuumed with the uphol-
stery or crevice nozzle, or if water is
sucked up from a container, it is recom-
mended to deactivate the "automatic fil-
ter cleaning" function.
– If the maximum liquid level is reached
the appliance will turn off automatically.
– In case of non-conductive liquids
(such as emulsion drilling fluids,
oils, and greases) the appliance is
not turned off when the container is
full. The filling level must be continu-
ously monitored and the container
must be emptied in time.
– After the wet vacuuming: Clean the flat
folded filter with the filter cleaning.
Clean the electrodes with a brush.
Clean the container with a damp rag
and dry it.
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