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Operation - Kärcher NT 55/1 Tact Te M Original Instructions Manual

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Clip connection
The suction hose is equipped with a clip
system. All C-35/C-DN-35 accessories can
be connected.


Turning on the Appliance
 Plug in the mains plug.
 Switch on the appliance at the main
Adjust the suction output
 Set the suction output (min - max) at the
rotary switch.
Working with electrical power tools
Risk of injury and damage! The socket out-
let is only for the connection of power tools
to the vacuum cleaner. Any other use of the
socket outlet is not permitted.
 Connect the mains plug of the electric
power tool to the vacuum cleaner.
 Switch on the appliance at the main
Indicator lamp is on; vacuum cleaner is in
the standby mode.
Note: The vacuum cleaner is turned on and
off automatically with the electric power
Note: The vacuum cleaner starts automat-
ically within 0.5 seconds and continues to
run for 15 seconds after the power tool has
being switched off.
Note: Please refer to "Technical specifica-
tions" for the power connection specifica-
tions of the power tools.
 Adjust the tool adapter to fit the connec-
tion of the electric power tool.
 Remove the elbow from the suction
 Attach the tool adapter to the suction
 Connect the tool adapter to the electric
power tool.
Note: The different suction hose sections
are required to allow an adjustment to the
connection sections of the processing
 Set the minimum volume flow for the
suction hose cross section at the rotary
The scale displays the suction hose cross
Note: To use the appliance as dedusting
device for the mobile operation (processing
tool connected to the vacuum cleaner) the
built-in monitoring must be adjusted to the
connected processing tool (dust-generat-
ing device). This means that the user must
be warned if the minimum volume flow of
20 m/s that is required for the suction is fall-
en short of.
Automatic filter cleaning
The appliance has an innovative filter
cleaning system that is particularly effective
with fine dust. The flat pleated filter is auto-
matically cleaned every 15 seconds
through an air jet (pulsating sound).
Note: Automatic filter dedusting is switched
on at the factory.
Note: The automatic filter dedusting func-
tion can only be switched on/ off when the
appliance is switched on.
– To switch off automatic filter cleaning:
 Activate the switch. Indicator lamp in
the switch goes off.
– To switch on automatic filter cleaning:
 Press the switch again. Indicator lamp
in the switch glows green.
Turn off the appliance
 Switch off the appliance at the main
 Pull out the mains plug.
After each operation
 Empty the container.
 Vacuum and wipe the appliance inside
and outside with a damp cloth.
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